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Keith Olbermann10 highlights from ESPN's "Olbermann" panel
July 24, 2013

Keith Olbermann stopped by the TCA Press Tour to discuss his eponymous ESPN show, and Will recapped the highlights.

Ted NugentA chat with Ted Nugent ("Spirit of the Wild")
July 4, 2013

Will sat down with Ted Nugent to discuss the return of his TV series "Spirit of the Wild" on the Outdoor Channel.

Kelly LynchA chat with Kelly Lynch ("Magic City")
June 20, 2013

Will chatted with actress Kelly Lynch about what to expect from Season Two of the Starz drama "Magic City."

GracelandTake a trip to "Graceland," USA's surprisingly dark new drama
June 6, 2013

Will recently visited the set of the new USA Network drama "Graceland" to chat with the entire cast about making the show.

Megyn PriceA chat with Megyn Price ("Rules of Engagement")
April 24, 2013

The "Rules of Engagement" star sat down with Will to talk about directing an episode and her thoughts on the show's run.

Famke JanssenA chat with Famke Janssen ("Hemlock Grove")
April 18, 2013

Former Bond girl Famke Janssen chatted with Will about her new Netflix horror series "Hemlock Grove."

Leah GibsonA chat with Leah Gibson ("Rogue")
April 10, 2013

Will chatted with actress Leah Gibson about DirecTV's first original series, "Rogue," and being part of "Twilight" history.

Danny MastersonA chat with Danny Masterson ("Men at Work")
April 3, 2013

Will chatted with actor Danny Masterson about the second season of "Men at Work," his favorite guest stars and more.

Jack DavenportA chat with Jack Davenport ("Smash")
March 12, 2013

Will spoke with actor Jack Davenport about his role on the NBC musical "Smash" and his large body of work.

Bates MotelThe Prequelization Principle
March 7, 2013

With A&E's "Bates Motel" premiering March 18th, Will looks back at TV prequels to some other popular properties.

VikingsA chat with Clive Standen ("Vikings")
February 27, 2013

Will sat down with actor Clive Standen to discuss his role on the upcoming History Channel series "Vikings" and much more.

Kevin Michael ConnollyA chat with Kevin Michael Connolly ("Armed & Ready")
February 19, 2013

Will spoke with X Games medalist Kevin Michael Connolly about his new Travel Channel series "Armed & Ready."

Billy CampbellA chat with Billy Campbell ("Killing Lincoln")
February 6, 2013

Will sat down with actor Billy Campbell to talk about playing the 16th President in the new TV movie "Killing Lincoln."

Jason MewesA chat with Jason Mewes ("King of the Nerds")
February 6, 2013

Will chatted with Jason Mewes about his role as a guest judge on TBS' "King of the Nerds" and the future of "Clerks."

30 ShowsTGS: 30 great shows that don't actually exist
January 31, 2013

To celebrate the end of "30 Rock," Will presents his list of 30 great TV shows within shows that didn't actually exist.

Matthew MacfadyenA chat with Matthew Macfadyen ("Ripper Street")
January 24, 2013

Will chatted with Matthew Macfadyen about his role on the new BBC original series "Ripper Street" and much more.

Ivana MilicevicA chat with Ivana Milicevic ("Banshee")
January 14, 2013

Bond girl Ivana Milicevic spoke with Will about her role on the new Showtime series "Banshee," her favorite shows and more.

Lorenzo LamasA chat with Lorenzo Lamas ("The Joe Schmo Show")
January 8, 2013

Will chatted with Lorenzo Lamas about his role on Spike TV's reboot of "The Joe Schmo Show" and his past work.

New TV Shows 2013What's new in 2013
January 2, 2013

Will breaks down all the new TV shows premiering this winter, including the Kevin Bacon drama "The Following."

John AltschulerA chat with John Altschuler ("The Goode Family")
December 26, 2012

In support of the release of "The Goode Family: The Compete Series," Will spoke with executive producer John Altschuler.

Brian CoxA chat with Brian Cox ("The Straits")
December 19, 2012

Will recently chatted with veteran actor Brian Cox about the crime family drama "The Straits" and some of his past work.

Gifts for the TV GeekGifts for the TV Geek
December 13, 2012

With the holidays only a few weeks away, Will offers up some last minute gift ideas for the TV lover on your shopping list.

Patricia HeatonA chat with Patricia Heaton ("The Christmas Heart," "The Middle")
December 2, 2012

The lovely Patricia Heaton chatted with Will about her new Hallmark movie "The Christmas Heart" and ABC's "The Middle."

Paradise LostA chat with Joe Berlinger ("Paradise Lost Trilogy")
November 29, 2012

With the "Paradise Lost" trilogy hitting DVD, Will spoke with co-director Joe Berliner about making the movies and more.

Eden SherA chat with Eden Sher ("The Middle")
November 14, 2012

Will chatted with actress Eden Sher about her work on ABC's "The Middle" and past gigs on "Weeds" and "Party Down."

This One's for the Veterans – 20 Military-Set SitcomsThis One's for the Veterans: 20 Military-Set Sitcoms
November 8, 2012

Will pays tribute to our veterans with a look back at 20 sitcoms that made us laugh along with our fighting forces.

Dangerous GroundsA chat with Todd Carmichael ("Dangerous Grounds")
October 31, 2012

Will spoke with coffee connoisseur Todd Carmichael about his new Travel Channel series "Dangerous Grounds."

Richard HammondA chat with Richard Hammond ("Top Gear," "Richard Hammond's Crash Course")
October 22, 2012

Will chatted with British personality Richard Hammond about "Top Gear" and the new season of "Crash Course."

Kathleen RobertsonA chat with Kathleen Robertson ("Boss")
October 17, 2012

Kathleen Robertson sat down with Will to chat about the Season Two finale of "Boss," her character arc and more.

The GirlA chat with Julian Jarrald (HBO's "The Girl")
October 10, 2012

With the upcoming HBO movie "The Girl" debuting later this month, Will spoke with its director Julian Jarrald.

Magic City"Magic City" is a must-buy
October 4, 2012

Will reviews the first season of the Starz drama "Magic City," a good old fashioned soap opera that eventually finds its groove.

The NeighborsIt's time to meet "The Neighbors"
September 26, 2012

Will previews the new ABC comedy, "The Neighbors," the latest in a decades-long trend of sitcoms about aliens.

Fall TV 2012Failed pilots with all-star casts
September 20, 2012

An all-star cast doesn't always guarantee that a TV show will make it to air. Will looks at some failed pilots from the past.

Fall TV 201210 new series which might end up on Bullz-Eye's next Power Rankings
September 12, 2012

With the fall TV season fast approaching, Will previews 10 shows with the potential to land a spot on our Power Rankings. "

Giancarlo EspositoA chat with Giancarlo Esposito ("Revolution")
September 5, 2012

Will spoke with "Breaking Bad" favorite Giancarlo Esposito about his new role on the NBC drama, "Revolution."

Gordon RamsayA chat with Gordon Ramsay ("Hell's Kitchen")
August 22, 2012

Chef Gordon Ramsay chatted with Will at this year's TCA tour about "Hell's Kitchen," his early culinary career and more.

Toy HunterA chat with Jordan Hembrough (Travel Channel's "Toy Hunter")
August 15, 2012

Will chatted with Jordan Hembrough, the host and star of the new Travel Channel reality series, "Toy Hunter."

ExcusedA chat with Iliza Shlesinger ("Excused")
August 8, 2012

While in Los Angeles for the TCA Press Tour, Will spoke with Iliza Shlesinger, host of the dating show "Excused."

LongmireExecutive producer John Coveny talks A&E's "Longmire"
August 2, 2012

Will chatted with executive producer John Coveny about wrapping up Season One of the new A&E series "Longmire."

TCA FoxLive from the Summer 2012 TCA press tour
July 25, 2012

Will is back with another year of coverage from the TCA press tour, starting with some highlights from the never dull Fox panels.

Sullivan and SonEven executive producer Vince Vaughn can't liven up "Sullivan & Son"
July 19, 2012

Will says that the TBS sitcom "Sullivan & Son" is proof that you can't tell how funny a show will be by its executive producers.

Breaking Bad: Season Five"Breaking Bad" is about to some more bad-breaking
July 11, 2012

Will previews the Season Five premiere of "Breaking Bad" with a somewhat spoilerish list of 20 reasons to tune in.

Summer Replacement SeriesA rememberance of summer replacement series
July 5, 2012

Will looks back at some of the replacement variety shows that kept him entertained every summer as a child.

Maurice LaMarcheA chat with Maurice LaMarche ("Futurama")
June 27, 2012

Will chatted with Maurice LaMarche about the return of "Futurama," his voice work on the show, and other projects.

The NewsroomHBO's "The Newsroom" is unabashedly Sorkin-esque... which is a good thing
June 20, 2012

Will previews Aaron Sorkin's much-anticipated return to TV with the HBO drama "The Newsroom," premiering this Sunday.

TV Show Revivals"We're back, baby!" Attempts at reviving old TV series
June 13, 2012

In conjunction with the return of "Dallas" on TNT, Will compiled a list of some of his favorite television show revivals.

Necessary RoughnessOn the set with "Necessary Roughness"
June 6, 2012

Will visited the set of the USA Network series "Necessary Roughness" and spoke with the cast about the new season.

Bernie KopellA chat with Bernie Kopell
May 30, 2012

In support of the DVD release of "Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp," Will chatted with star and TV legend Bernie Kopell.

2012 TV PreviewTaking a gander at the 2012-2013 season
May 23, 2012

Will serves up an early look at all the new TV shows debuting this fall, including the Shawn Ryan drama "Last Resort."

HouseEight years of "House" guests
May 17, 2012

Will says goodbye to "House" by revisiting the impressive array of guest stars that appeared during the show's eight-year run.

Common LawAt long last, "Common Law"
May 9, 2012

Will spoke with the stars of the new USA Network drama "Common Law," including Michael Ealy and Warren Kole.

May TV SeriesMay? Oh, my!
May 3, 2012

Will breaks down all of the new TV shows premiering this May, including the new singing competition, "Duets."

Random RamblingsA series of random TV-related ramblings
April 25, 2012

Will shares his thoughts on everything from "Magic City" to Jimmy Fallon slow-jamming the news with the President.

Shannen SaysShannen Doherty & Kurt Iswarienko: A match made in reality show heaven
April 18, 2012

Will spoke with Shannen Doherty and husband Kurt Iswarienko about their new reality series, "Shannen Says."

Chris ElliottA chat with Chris Elliott ("Eagleheart")
April 6, 2012

Will geeked out with comedian Chris Elliot about his Adult Swim series "Eagleheart" and his lengthy career.

Eric LadinA chat with Eric Ladin ("The Killing")
April 4, 2012

Will spoke with actor Eric Ladin about the mixed reaction to Season One of "The Killing" and what to expect this year.

Game of Thrones and The Killing"Game of Thrones" begins anew (and so does "The Killing")
March 28, 2012

Will previews the sophomore seasons of last year's best new series, HBO's "Game of Thrones" and AMC's "The Killing."

Pilot Season Ahoy!Pilot season ahoy!
March 14, 2012

Will lists 15 shows he hopes make it from pilot season to his DVR this year, including the latest from Sarah Silverman.

TV-DVDs You May Have MissedTV-DVD releases you may have missed
March 8, 2012

Will took time out of his busy schedule to check out some TV-DVD releases you may have missed, like "Underdog."

The AquabatsBrace yourself for... "The Aquabats! Super Show!"
February 29, 2012

Will sat down with Christian Jacobs to talk about his band's new television series, "The Aquabats! Super Show!"

Mad MenNo, seriously, "Mad Men" really is coming back! For real this time!
February 22, 2012

After a 17-month hiatus, "Mad Men" is finally returning to AMC. Will previews the upcoming fifth season.

Natalie ZeaChatting with Natalie Zea about "Justified" (with a little bit of "Dirty Sexy" talk)
February 15, 2012

The beautiful and talented Natalie Zea sat down with Will to talk about Season Three of the FX drama "Justified."

Comic Book MenKevin Smith and his "Comic Book Men" are coming to AMC
February 8, 2012

Will chatted with Kevin Smith at the TCA Press Tour last month about AMC's new reality series, "Comic Book Men."

Inside ComedyDavid Steinberg gets "Inside Comedy" on Showtime
February 1, 2012

Will spoke with comedian David Steinberg about his latest gig as the host of the new Showtime series, "Inside Comedy."

Great Quotes from the January 2012 TCA Press TourGreat Quotes from the January 2012 TCA Press Tour
January 18, 2012

Now that the TCA Winter Press Tour is finally over, Will offers up some of the best quotes from the event.

God Bless the TCA Press TourGod Bless the TCA Press Tour
January 5, 2012

While away at the TCA Winter Press Tour, Will takes a look back at some of his favorite moments from years past.

12 Shows to Look Forward to in 201212 Shows to Look Forward to in 2012
December 29, 2011

With 2012 just around the corner, Will offers up 12 new shows that he's looking forward to watching in the new year.

11 Series That Should Have Survived 201111 Series That Should Have Survived 2011
December 21, 2011

2011 had its share of TV cancellations, but Will lists the 11 series (give or take) that should have gotten a reprieve.

Impractical Jokers"Impractical Jokers" and other hidden-camera shenanigans
December 14, 2011

With truTV's "Impractical Jokers" debuting this week, Will takes a look back at the other prank shows that paved the way.

Common LawSneaking a look at USA's "Common Law"
December 7, 2011

Will headed to New Orleans to visit the set of the upcoming USA series, "Common Law."

Hidden City with Marcus SakeyExploring "Hidden City" with Marcus Sakey
November 30, 2011

Will had the chance to speak with author Marcus Sakey about his new Travel Channel series, "Hidden City."

Warner Archive Cartoons '60s and '70s Saturday morning cartoons made to order
November 23, 2011

Will takes a look back at his top 10 favorite cartoon series that have been reissued on DVD thanks to Warner Archive.

Hung"Hung" is still worth hanging onto
November 16, 2011

After an underwhelming sophomore season, Will decided to give HBO's "Hung" one more shot, and he's glad that he did.

American Horror StoryGetting your scare on with "American Horror Story"
November 9, 2011

It stumbled a bit out of the gate, but FX's newest show fittingly found its groove during a two-part Halloween saga.

Law & OrderThe current state of "Law & Order"
November 2, 2011

With Andre Braugher and Linus Roache joining "Law & Order: SVU," Will chatted with the actors about their new gig.

Beavis and Butt-headBeavis and Butt-head are back!
October 26, 2011

With new episodes of "Beavis and Butt-head" coming to MTV, Mike Judge talked to Will about the return of the dumbass duo.

2011 TV CancellationsWave hello, say goodbye
October 20, 2011

The fall TV season has barely just begun, but that didn't stop the networks from dropping the axe on five freshman series.

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