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Is there any bigger hobby in the world besides gambling? Whether it’s playing poker, blackjack or betting on sports, gambling seems to have hitched a sizable following over the years.

With all the controversies surrounding online gambling, “fantasy” gambling sites are starting to grow in popularity. Fantasy gambling sites take the risk out of losing your money, because you actually don’t wager anything but your time. Have a great day picking winners on a fantasy site and you can wind up with a free MP3 player, a TV or even cash. Have a bad day losing on a fantasy site – because the damn underdog kicks a meaningless field goal as time expires – and all you’ll really lose is some pride.

How can these fantasy gambling sites exist if you don’t have to pay anything? Don’t worry – that little thing called advertising keeps these sites fully operational.

Below you’ll find a safe way to gamble without having to risk the mortgage, your kids or even one of your limbs to some guy named “Fat” Tony.

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If you're going to play, you always want to be on top of the latest odds. Check out our live lines page for updated odds on other major sports.

Football Future Odds

Cash in on your Super Bowl hunch or try and pick the next BCS champ with these football future odds. So far, the Patriots, Packers and Eagles seem to be the big favorites for the upcoming season.

The best thing about is that you can track how well you really are at picking games. Not to mention that you can sign up for the Survivor Game that tests your ability to pick consecutive winners (with the spread) in a row. Keep picking winners in the allotted amount of time and you can wind up with a Wagerline jacket, $1,000 or even the grand prize of $100,000 for 21 straight winners. Lose just once, however, and you’ll start back to zero. offers a little more sports information than other fantasy gambling sites, on top of the standard pick em’ contests. has a sports blog on the home page as well as interactive media from former players Dave Stewart and Kevin Gogan. Sign up to play Fantasy Sportsbook and you can win anywhere from $50 to $10,000. A nice feature that has is a guide to show you how the site works and how you can get started in entering contests. Just click on “Sportsbook” at the top of the home page to get started.
Sign up is extremely easy on and the website is easy to navigate as well. is more of an interactive site with other sports fans. You can invite your friends or talk sports with other fans of gambling. There are also polls that you can participate in, as well as your own e-mail box so other people can chat with you. When you sign up, you start off with a certain amount of points (100 to be exact) and the more correct winners you pick, the more points you earn. At the start of things, you’re considered a “rookie”, but the more points you earn, the better your ranking is. It all hinders on correct winners. Don’t forget to check out the several of the plasma TV contests around the site (we recommend the Football Squares Contest in both the NFL and NCAA sections). is a little dressed down compared to its brother sites, but it boasts about hooking up with other fans of your favorite sports teams. Much like, also offers news on all the major sports, but instead of blogs, the stories are actual columns from newspapers around the country. doesn’t have as many contests as the other sites do, but it does offer a way to compare your knowledge against other people around the world, as well as your friends. is basically a tool for people who are seriously wagering on sports. With, people register for a free account and then give their knowledge as well as predictions on games. Then the idea behind the site is that serious gamblers can see what the mass public thinks on a certain team or game by using number in-depth charts and graphs to show winners ( doesn’t come out and say that this is what is intended, but it looks like that is the main attraction to go to the site). also boasts that the site is a way for people to communicate opinions on teams and picking sports winners with each other. offers winners of contests free plasma TV’s and iPods. The slick thing about is that the site sells picks for $19.95. The picks come from the people with the most points in picking daily and weekly winners. If the spenders win, the folks that gave up the winning team get more points in which they can win prizes. Much like, is another vehicle for serious gamblers. Either way, much like all of these fantasy gambling sites, is a risk less way to win cash and prizes just for picking winners on games you actually didn’t gamble anything on.

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